Moving considerations for Office space

Relocation of the offices for many companies, the problems are encountered, such as old items to do with it, how the new site layout, and so on, these are the issues of concern, Taiyuan move tells you what work?
1. looking for Office needs to find several agents and Office sales personnel to deal with. To go through looking for buildings, building. On price, contract, property, and several steps.
2. large-scale interior design decoration bid, research decoration drawing, the renovation process to the site to do the actual survey, improvement after the inspection, repair, maintenance and service.
3. Office furniture: according to decoration drawings in the of across between and seat layout and company of budget decided new Office used what of furniture:
purchase new furniture
using old furniture
eliminated part old furniture, may need to second-hand market
according to decoration design drawings ahead of determine all new old furniture of specific placed location
Office furniture of demolition, and handling, and installation.
4. Office equipment: according to the demand for new Office, decide whether to buy new or used equipment, whether the disposal of old devices.
5. telephone, Internet system: after the move is working properly will have a direct impact on the business operations of the company, so be sure to do: find a telecommunications service company to help you get all the problems associated with telephone systems, including switch machine, a new telephone line applications, voice mail applications, old telephone line to cancel.
6. weak current wiring: according to the company, can make the decoration company or phone network services company to do it.
7. all items sorting, packaging, handling, and then finish.
8. other preparations are many: relocation of the company's license changes, notification of release, inform all employees to the new Office of the seat and the new extension number.
9. moving follow-up to many of Taiyuan: telephone, the smooth transition of the network system, cleaning, security, landscaping, etc.
10. the new Office environment insight: understanding the new Office environment, and inform the staff in advance Note: includes traffic, bus route services such as restaurants, banks or in places of entertainment distribution.

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