New home don't forget moving company hidden problems

Batch after batch of residents moved to a new House. Moved is a happy event, but with the joy of moving, sorting, cleaning, packaging, flea treatment and handling, all sorts of trivial and have to worry about their effort, worry about attendant problems and even more emotion: moving home, how can a "boring" word get!
moved into home old man sorrow
who lives in Pingyang road, Boyle was gearing up to move, may face "housewarming", her sorrow than joy. Sorting, packing, wipe, once organized immediately into a "warehouse". She had a headache most is, sorting out the old furniture, old appliances, old clothes, old books, leaving no, abandoned but, worried that she does not know how to handle.
two years ago, Boyle couple hard all my life savings to buy a high-rise, recently decorated and ready to move, new home furnishings, electrical update all over again. Old houses have also recently found a buyer, but the other side is not ready to buy her old furniture and old appliances. She had to peddle a stroller "recycling old furniture, old household appliances" vendor site, as a result, hawker to price her disappointment, to laugh or cry. Each well of color TV sets, refrigerators only dozens of Yuan, other furniture, clothing ought to receive a "shabby" prices. She had to put some old things and move into a new home. Known only to new home, even though 1 time, still can not cause things to everyone, had moved into a large storage room and some clothes for the Porter's security guards and the nurse next door.
"though some of the old things an eyesore, but accompanied me over the years, have feelings. I wanted to donate them put to some use, but I find the old furniture and old appliances have not received, so now they can't. "She said with emotion.
the reporter then interviewed some people, found that many people have and aunt had the same trouble, moved home after suddenly "taking" a bunch of no way to deal with old furniture, old appliances and so on. It is understood that most low price these things sold to street vendors, some of them through simple maintenance, installation of waste household appliances, the flea market back into the family, resulting in TV explosion, household electrical appliance short-circuit burning incidents, caused a great deal of security risks. While large by disassembly of discarded appliances thrown away into a new "green ***".
after the move of these "food is tasteless" home like "chicken ribs", many people feel helpless, looking forward to have a standard, reasonable channel to make it "right".
moving company non-standard "hot" behind the problems in
of the real estate market is booming with "fire" the moving industry, the moving company to open a series of companies. Moving companies both large and small at the same time bring convenience to the people, because of the company's services is not standard, lack of good faith, some consumers choose a moving company improperly "moved" to a lot of trouble.
, consumer associations, from my understanding, consumer complaints, reflects moving companies movers high-grade furniture damaged, bidding against issues such as items lost, move there, but for the most part due to lack of evidence, it is difficult to claim.
filed to move the public reacted angrily to Mr WONG. In mid-July this year, Mr WONG when contact with a moving company, said movers to home, both sides should sign a written contract. But the next day the door move, other side that forgot to take the contract. See movers and vehicles has been to Mr WONG had no choice. When we moved, due to negligence, Mr WONG will newly buy mobile phone in the room, returning after it was discovered when, searched the whole house phone gone. Ask the movers? They began to equivocate, later insisted that did not see Mr WONG reported to the ***, but due to lack of evidence and cannot be queried. After moving to a new home, a mess. The next day, when Mr WONG in the finishing, found thousands of Yuan worth of a pair of porcelain is chipped. Mr WONG to find a moving company, moving company refused to admit, with no evidence as grounds for refusing compensation.
customers, some moving companies specialized on the price issue. Bargain price, moving company to move to half, said a car loaded down, need to use a car, still have to pay. Movers move on the way to a variety of reasons to ask for other charges users a smooth, had to pay and not expect.
a van, 35 persons, you can complete a move operation. It is understood that moving companies currently on the market varies greatly, most services are not standardized. Many smaller moving companies ads only posted in the corridor, a mobile phone or PHS number, to recruit workers was set up. Their workers are not trained, nor sign labor contracts, when alive, and made a telephone call to work. Moving companies are rarely active property contracts signed with clients and customers most chances that they see no problem. Appear damaged or lost something during the move process, companies will blame on the Porter, but Porter is often missing, the customer can only be completely out of luck. BACK

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